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  1. Dear colleague,

    Do you have an interest in history-based exhibitions and/or public programs in museums? If so, please complete our national survey on museums’ capacity to facilitate historical thinking/inquiry in adults and families.

    The online survey link is here For further information relating to the research project, please click here This research has been approved by the Committee for Ethics in Human Research, University of Canberra (Approval Code 16-251). The identity of all respondents will be protected.

    Complete the survey by 30 September 2017 for your chance to win one of 10 Westfield shopping vouchers valued at $50.

    This research is funded by the Australian Institute for Sustainable Communities. Investigators on the project are Dr Tiina Roppola and Dr Philip Roberts, Assistant Professors at the University of Canberra. Tiina is author of Designing for the Museum Visitor Experience (Routledge, New York). Philip is a Chief Editor of Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, and former history teacher.

    Your participation would be most appreciated, and/or please feel free to forward this email to colleagues with an interest in history-based exhibitions and programs.

    We look forward to mapping the opportunities museums provide for historical engagement. The survey link above includes the option of receiving the findings in a research report.

    Kind regards,
    Tiina Roppola and Philip Roberts.
    University of Canberra and Australian Institute for Sustainable Communities


  2. Calling all science museum educators:
    Megan Ennes from North Carolina State University has contacted us seeking information about a study they are conducting:
    North Carolina State University is conducting an international, comparative study of informal science educators. We are exploring museum and science centers educators’ skills in facilitation. The survey consists of a short, 10 minute survey, for staff that currently work as front-line staff. This includes both educators who work with school groups and those who work with the general public.
    There are several purposes for this survey. We are exploring nonformal science educators’ levels of self-efficacy as well as current trends in professional development around the world. The results of this survey will be combined with those from other science centers to create a staff development model for future staff training. We are happy to share the results with the education director for each facility if you reply to this email and let me know you would like them.
    We are seeking partners who will do the following:
    Ask paid museum front line staff (who are 18 years of age or older) to complete a brief (10 minutes or less) online survey that investigates the level of perceived skills for engaging learners in science. We would like to collect the information by August 15. We have Ethics approval and the survey link provides the consent letter. No names or identifying information would be shared publicly.
    The results of the assessment will be shared with the leadership team of your museum/science center for your own planning and training purposes. However, a minimum of three staff members must participate to protect confidentiality.
    We are excited about the potential of this project to enable staff to be more engaging and effective in working with science center and museum visitors.
    The link to the survey can be found here:
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,
    Thank you
    Megan Ennes
    Graduate Research Assistant
    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education
    North Carolina State University

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